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Are you done feeling frumpy and tired? Looking for results? I got you!

"I help women over 40 get rid of that unwanted belly fat and those flabby arms"

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Leslie is my virtual coach! I have been working with her for just over months. She has helped me achieve life goals, some of which I have been working on my whole adult life. I am getting great results on so many levels. She uses a multi-dimensional approach. One that deals with the whole person. Getting lean and fit is why I choose... Read More
"I highly recommend Lifeway Fitness to anyone who needs an accountability partner for achieving desired health and wellness goals. Leslie has been a reliable and knowledgeable fitness and lifestyle coach. She goes all-in to understand each client's personal needs and develops custom plans catered to the individual. She is committed... Read More
"I have been working with Leslie for over 2.5 months and in that time I have dropped 15 inches and 18lbs! All without feeling deprived, eating real food, and even being able to continue my weekend cocktails when I feel like it. Accountability, caring, expertise, and friendship."
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